It Does Not Matter

by Edmund Celis, September 5, 2018.
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In order to do something good in life, you have to first not care what will happen. If you are so concerned with doing things right and having everything go as planned, you will be nervous and anxious the whole way through.

When we think too much about possible outcomes and consequences, we freeze ourselves from acting and end up not doing anything. As it is said, it is only with a clear piece of paper that you are able to write anything. When you just go for it, that is when true creativity and action happens. However, when you stop to think, that is when you freeze up and restrict the flow of action.

It is like the person jumping off a cliff but then deciding at the very end to grab hold of the edge and then falls off in a horrible fashion. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because there are no mistakes in this universe of planets and far away galaxies.

You may say that your fear of death is what is stopping you. But what is death?

Many people see death as coming in the future, but it already happened. How can you say that you are alive without having known death before?

You wouldn’t know what life is without having first experienced what death was like.

How do you know you are dead? Because you were alive. How do you know you are alive? Because you were dead.

It is like when we go to sleep. You eventually wake up again and you know that you are awake because you were just asleep. And conversely, you know that you are asleep because you were just awake. However, after death, it is a new beginning. Just like when you are first born.

Do you have a recollection of your past before birth? Likewise, do you know the life after death?
You can't stay awake forever, but at the same time, you cannot sleep forever. Similarly, you cannot live eternally, and you cannot die infinitely either.

When you see that both life and death are like the opposite poles of a magnet, you can begin to let go of your worries. Opposites exist together and not one exists by itself.

Furthermore, do you really think that your action, whether failure or success, changes the world permanently? Everything is constantly changing and is temporary. In the grand scheme of things, it is all one process that includes failures and successes with no distinction. Triumphs in one view has negative consequences, while failure is success in another eye.

The vast galaxies in the universe are crashing into one another and stars are imploding. The systems once there will be recycled again. So is there anything to fear, for it will begin anew. Just like when a baby is born, life is renewed.

So if you find yourself lamenting about the future and worrying about failing and not succeeding in life, take a deep breath and clear your mind.

Close your eyes and just notice the sounds. Do the sounds have a past? Do the noises have a future?

Is your breathing something that you do or is it something that is happening, or both?

In this state of emptiness, you can now act more clearly.

Don’t worry about what you do, whether other people may disapprove of it or whether it may seem counterproductive.

When you let go of trying to save the world, you no longer have the earth resting on your shoulders.

The earth saved or not, it doesn’t matter. When you adopt this attitude, a funny thing happens. You find yourself free to do what you want and life switches from being dreadfully serious to an enjoyable experience. Then you can pursue your dreams, your desires, with more zest because you are no longer inhibited by the worries of failure because it simply does not matter.

You can work on the things that you can do at the moment. As Voltaire put it, “Cultivate your gardens.” What you have now and what you can do now is a good starting point.

And remember, as when you listen to classical music, do you ever stop to ask what is the point? Like music, life has no purpose. There is no point in play.
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Photo by Edmund Celis.

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