The Out Breath

by Edmund Celis, December 21, 2016.
Altocummulus clouds
Let go of your breath and allow it to flow. Photo of altocummulus clouds by Edmund Celis

Breathe out. When you exhale, you let go.

Although commonly interpreted as enlightenment, the word Nirvana means just that...breathe out.

We often hear the expressions, “sigh of relief” or “phew, that was close!” These point to the out breath as a way of releasing the built up energy inside. When you let go of your breath, you no longer grasp that which you cannot hold. And in doing so, it comes back to you, just like when you breathe back in.

So, when you are feeling stressed and out-of-control, remember to release your breath.

Breathe out and notice how you feel. By breathing out, your muscles and nerves can relax, and you may feel relieved.

Just like in my article, “Feel the Body and Relax,” you can tense up all your muscles as you breathe in and then as you breathe out, relax everything.

In the same light, you can let go of everything that you believe you have, for it will be gone someday. To struggle in an attempt to keep what needs to be released, you create suffering, just as your body would react in an effort to hold your breath forever.

There are three principles that stem from this reality and they are non-resistance, non-attachment and non-judgment. Sometimes, you may want to fight to keep something a certain way because you believe it to be just and right as you mend the wrong, but the moment that you accept it the way it is and flow with it, you suddenly allow the energy to move freely and dissipate. All the while, you retain your energy instead of wasting it in trying to control that which cannot be controlled.

When your awareness allows you to let go, freely do so. However, sometimes, we cannot follow this principle all the time, just as the body needs to breathe in. So do not worry so much in life, it is a cycle. If you flow with its rhythm in harmony, you can catch some pretty nice waves!

If anything, practice breathing out to help you relax because often times, we try to hold our breath in tense situations. This can build up pressure in our bodies that can lead to high blood pressure, muscle fatigue and other dysfunctions.

And when you realize that all shall pass as you let go of your breath, you become free, free as can be to let the wind pass for a new beginning.

Here is an audio of the article as well.

Please also peruse my article "Feel the Body and Relax" to further help you relax.

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