The External World Is You Too

by Edmund Celis, October 28, 2016.
Television circuit
From which it was born, it mimics its very nature. Photo by Edmund Celis.

Everything you see around you is as much a part of you as your body.

From the mountain to the sky to the raindrops that fall from your eyes, to this computer you stare at to the chair you sit on, to the food you consume and water you drink. Even the person nearest you is a part of your very being. The stars and galaxies, the rocks and tiny insects, the bacteria beneath your skin, they are all you.

If you treat everything in this world with this idea of it being a part of you, then you would treat it with the utmost respect and care, as not to do any harm to yourself.

In the same end, death, then, becomes not the end of you, but rather the continuation of you as another form, which is inseparable from the intelligent universe.

Your expression as this form is temporary and, as all things, will cycle eternally as the light returns to the darkness from which it came. But that is not the end of you, for all other things that you thought were separate from you perpetuates even after your death, and thus you exist even after death through the external universe.

The universe is intelligent, from rocks to rays of light to stars and galaxies and as human beings, it is all intelligent.

Each one of us is the works of life playing this part for a while until death, where transformations occur furthermore.

We have come out of this life, not come into this life, we grow rather than appear out of nowhere, the external world is the body extended.

We can assume many roles, but we are all in this together. Without seeing ourselves ever in life (unless, you are staring at your reflection in a mirror or something--but even that, can be elusive because is that really all of you in a holistic sense?),

we look outward to the world much in the same way as everyone else does to the extent of the body's basic senses.

If the mind is quiet, the experience is unbelievably identical, in that, vision is limited to the field of what is around you just as someone else would describe in terms of what they are able to experience (though a blind person cannot see, their reality can be experienced to an extent when one closes the eyes). Ultimately, we are all experiencing the same reality right now if you assume the perspective of everyone at this very moment, or zoom out to a position beyond the Earth where you can see all of life, including yourself, and beyond. I can imagine to be you, to see what you see, to feel what you feel. For example, when you close your eyes, this experience of darkness is very much the same for everyone. Just as we all need to breathe and the heart needs to beat, we all share these background qualities that make us very much the same.

Of course, it would not be the same exact experience between two people but the potentiality is there and is thus, a matter of positioning in space relative to one another.

The energy and subatomic particles that move everything in the universe are essentially one with everything that we witness as life.

What if you could never see your so-called self? Your experience would not be that different than another’s in that you would see what others would see, the outward world, so the idea of I, would be somewhat vague and closer to one's experience without mental contemplation about one's ego. Let's say you were to ask someone to describe how you look. That would be all that you would know about yourself without ever making the judgement for yourself. It is a liberating idea.

Even though it may seem like a different experience, every living creature is experiencing the same reality in the world each moment to the degree of limitation in perception of the particular arrangement of atoms in space.

The perspective of a cat is ultimately the same experience as what you are seeing right now if you encompass all experience as one large phenomena happening at the moment, for it is in the same realm, although it may look different from each perspective, it is the same reality amidst the totality of existence.

What seems to be different is the level of consciousness that separates the cat’s perspective from your own. Our brain’s circuitry allows for a higher awareness than the cat but when we both die, there is a return to a state that was always there in both entities, and in all things.

When you close your eyes, the experience is just as another person, darkness. When we sleep, it is the same experience, where we dream and are reconnected to the universe. It may be hard to believe, but it is equally hard to believe that the world is spinning 1000mph, revolving around this massive star amongst other planets, which are all in this prodigious galaxy amongst billions of others, and that the atoms that make up this body are these super tiny particles of energy that describe all life and things in the universe!

When we observe this theory to be astonishingly consistent in many experiments of life, such as in chemistry and building materials such as this computer, nothing seems to be impossible, let alone the fact that we are all connected and everything is one reality, in that you are me and this tiny grain of sand is also me.

The definition of me, or I, is in fact not what we are so used to thinking, as some ego that is in our skull that is constantly thinking, but rather the whole universe and its substratum in which it is expressed.

When they say “nothing is forever,” it may be also interpreted from its popular sense to the more profound reality that “No” “thing” is forever, describing the infinite substratum, or opposite of matter, that holds everything together and thus, created it all. We are that too.

With the law of conservation of energy, the energy of this whole universe of life came from some energy, thus we are stars from past lives of many cycles of birth and death. An energy that spawned the universe, continuously changing its expression until the energy will temporarily be no more, but from that which it was born, it is readily available to begin anew.

We are the universe, each one of us and every “thing,” no matter how small it is, from a virus to small actions we do. We create the reality as well as every other entity that we see, but those things are in fact one in the same, and thus, create a reality imposed on one’s own. It is all interconnected.

If you look at history and how far evolution and the expansion of the universe has evolved, then you can make the conclusion that nature is expressing itself through various forms and it is recycling its own development through what we do as human beings. The computer is the most important example, in that it is mimicking the very nature of the human body, in particular, the brain. Check out this article by Harvard edu, describing transistors that behave like the synapse of neurons.

From the vast connections a computer circuit makes in comparison to the neuronal networks of the brain and body, one can see that the two are very much similar, and indeed, the universe is further expressing itself through the development of technology.

We shouldn’t be afraid of technology for it is one with our very selves, for it came from the very source that this all came from and is thus a part of us, a part of it all.

Life is changing constantly and that is its very nature, so to resist the advancement of technology is to resist life itself, in its expression of the natural flow of energy.

To focus on one thing is to belittle life. Expand your attention to defocus sometimes. There is, as Alan Watts explains in a lecture in a YouTube video, flood light consciousness and spotlight consciousness. (This video lecture is the source for many of these ideas expressed in this article).

We have been taught to value only the spotlight consciousness and undervalue the subtle unfocused consciousness, or flood light awareness.

By giving too much attention to one thing, such as one’s thinking, we may forget that we are all one.

When you encompass the universe in your consciousness, you experience a certain peace that makes you feel collective again, which is the reality that evades your spotlight. As you are reading this, a massive star just exploded in the universe, releasing enormous amounts of energy and somewhere in the world, someone passed away, and yet someone was just born. What you are experiencing right now, relative to the beginning of the universe, where a surge of energy manifested stars and galaxies light years across from a seemingly dark and dead space, is incredibly remarkable!

Who would have imagined that all that energy of subatomic particles clashing and combining in particular configurations to make gigantic celestial objects would lead to this particular arrangement of atoms to make up this computer, this body?

Although, you may appear different than me, we all are made from this energy that was there in the beginning, billions of years ago, and it is all assembling together in the unique combinations that we experience on Earth.

And as technology helps us see and travel further into outer space, we become more connected to the long-lost sisters and brothers of the sky to once again celebrate in reunion.

Here is an audio of the article as well.

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