The Wireless Connection

by Edmund Celis, August 10, 2016.

Video by Edmund Celis.

With the advent and expansion of the internet and available information online, learning how to do anything or finding an answer to a question is becoming more accessible and conveniently fast and efficient. For example, if you want to learn how to fix your car or find yourself in a dilemma, just Google it or even better, Youtube it and find easy-to-follow videos or advice explaining what you can do to help your situation.

It seems like getting a formal education may become a thing of the past as online education advances. With the abundant resources available on the web, you can do almost anything.

However, like a tool, it can be abused or used for harm, but if you can

realize the internet’s potential to learn and discover, it can enhance your understanding of the world to do great things.

If you have access to internet, use it to its full potential by learning new things to help yourself and the world. There are many people in the world without this commodity, so use it wisely and purposefully.

Likewise, if you feel like your education was limited and you do not want to go back to school because of financial restraints or other reasons, realize that you can learn practically anything you want on the internet. It may be difficult to find direct answers sometimes, but the beauty is in various resources you encounter. For example, the forums, where many opinions are shared, are great for considering many perspectives and you encounter many intelligent people out there who are willing to help you. Often times, your answer may have already been answered too.

In the end, it comes down to your desire to learn. If you are motivated, you can discover the workings of the universe at your fingertips.

Finally, here is a YouTube video of one of the most inspirational and powerful narrated interviews I have ever listened to, which is with Nikola Tesla. You can also read the interview here on He describes energy as the ultimate source of life. As he put it, “No one who was there did not die.” Even after death, you still exist, but in a different form of energy.

Awaken to your true strength that is available to you each and every moment that you are alive. There are no limitations when you realize your true potential and gift. Coupled with the power of the web, you can channel your inner being to do phenomenal things.

Make it a goal every day to learn something new and create light in the world.

Here is an audio of the article as well.

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