The Mirror of Nature

by Edmund Celis, July 4, 2016.

Reflection of water
Photo by Edmund Celis.

Stare into the mirror of Nature
Its mood oscillates with day and night
Nourishing life on Earth
Life’s sacred delight

Blue as can be
In the summer sun
Mysteriously dark under the stars
Glistening with the moon

Its sister in the sky
Sharing its hue with you
Yet clear up close
Chameleon of its surroundings

Freezing in the Winter
Solid crystal formations
And in the torch of the sun
You disappear into the air

But as you join together
A nebulous sight
Floating with the wind
Collecting together as one

Release your rain
Let it fall back to the source
Your origin
Pure and enlightened

A sudden flash of light
We hear your voice
But as Helios appears
You help create a spectra of beauty

Clear your soul to be free
From the prison of the mind
Flow like water,
The Mirror of Nature

Reflect the beauty that is Nature’s expression
Ruffled waters do not allow peace to shine
As our own spirit
Troubled, it will reflect agony

However, if it is calm
There is nothing to fear
As true beauty is revealed
Perfect as you are

Preserve the mirror of Nature
And keep it fresh and clean
It is our destiny
Life’s blessed connection

Here is an audio of the article as well.

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