Drive the Mind

by Edmund Celis, April 28, 2016.
Edmund riding motorcycle
Photo of Edmund Celis, credit to Ed Celis. My first time riding a motorcycle, 2007.

A car can be a very useful tool but if the driver cannot control the vehicle, then it becomes a dangerous entity for both the driver and everything around. This is the same case for the mind. It can help us think logically and classify things, but

if we cannot control our mind, it can damage both the individual and their surroundings.

A gas pedal can move the car forward but pressing it too abruptly or excessively can lead to an uncomfortable ride or even an accident.

Like a gas pedal in the car, thoughts can drive the mind forward but it can also drive it crazy.

High speeds in a car poses a risk to the driver and everything around, just like constant thoughts racing in our mind. However,

when the driver has smooth control of the accelerator, the ride is peaceful and joyful.

If thoughts can be tamed and fine-tuned for the situation, the individual can be more relaxed and compassionate.

Control of both the car and mind affect everyone around. When driving on the highway, if we can drive safely and respectfully of other cars and drivers, traffic tends to be calm and steady. However,

if we drive carelessly and dangerously, it becomes a chain reaction that leads to erratic driving that affects everyone negatively.

A calm mind has the same effect, in which one is able to communicate and do tasks effectively, which allows others to feel comfortable around you. A furious mind can lead to stress in oneself and in others.

The fuel of a car is the source of energy that helps drive the car forward and just like the fuel, the fear of death can be the main source of energy for the mind.

Gasoline oil is like the fear of death.

It can supply an enormous amount of power to the car, just like fear energizes the mind to create a surge of thoughts. Both gas and fear are limiting resources however that can pollute the environment and our consciousness.

However, the car does not need to be fueled by gas, just like the mind does not need fear. I like to think of electricity being like the soul or some divine energy. If you have ever driven an electric vehicle, you will know what I mean when I say it is a smooth ride.

If the mind can be fueled by a state of complete awareness, the individual can do beautiful things in a fluid and effortless way.

Both electricity and awareness are like abundant resources that can have less damaging impacts on the environment and our well-being.

Finally, when we are driving too fast, we need to slow down by pressing the brake pedal.

The mind’s brake pedal is simply that, slowing down.

Taking a ‘break’ from thinking. And after a long drive, the car needs to shut off and rest, just like our brain after a long day.

Often times, we are thinking too much, but if we can catch ourselves in the midst of thinking, this awareness of the thoughts immediately breaks the cycle.

May we learn to be skillful drivers of the mind so that we can help others be too. Please drive carefully out there and don't forget to make stops along the way to enjoy the views too!

Edmund motorcycle viewing
Photo by Edmund Celis

Here is an audio of the article as well.

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