Everything Is Connected via Atoms

by Edmund Celis, March 28, 2016.
Photo by Edmund Celis of the atom structure at Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany.

When you are conscious, you realize that all things in this universe are connected. Deep within every object,

from the microbes that inhabit your body to the stars that emit light in space, there are these atoms

that are holding everything together, constantly changing in form as its electrons, protons and neutrons combine with each other to form new elements and rearrange to create everything we see in the world.

From the birth of the universe until now, there was a constant reshuffling of these atoms to form new things, from stars to dinosaurs to humans to the computer.

All these atoms and other forces are in constant motion in everything around you and inside your body as you read this!

Long before the earth was even born, there was this energy that gave birth to subatomic particles, which have been in constant motion with the forces of the universe, giving rise to stars and planets, and eventually, everything we see around us, including our own body. The

sun supplies the energy

for plants and even photosynthetic bacteria in the ocean to grow, giving rise to the release of oxygen. The air we breathe allows oxygen to be a part of our bodies for a little while until it is released as another form to then be incorporated into nature again.

Water, which is essential for our bodies and popularly known as H2O, also has an oxygen atom in its basic structure.

The food we ingest incorporates important oxygen-containing compounds, such as carbohydrates, into our bodies. When we die, we return these oxygen molecules to the soil of the earth, for microbes and plants to eventually release them back into the atmosphere to then again, be incorporated as another form over time and the cycle continues.

In fact, right now, you are exchanging atoms with the air and that air becomes exchanged with someone else and other things in the world.

You are constantly flowing with your environment! We are connected to everything around us. Even the computer you use has atomic elements that are found in the body as well, such as zinc and even silicon.

Atomic elements
Photos and art by Edmund Celis. Guess what this is a photo of? Press the image to see my other drawing!

And it all comes down to the number of these subatomic particles that changes the property of the atom and its interaction with other atoms, for example,

carbon, which is the building block element for all biological species,

consists of 6 protons, neutrons and electrons each, while oxygen has 8 of each subatomic particle, and this seemingly little difference changes the properties of the atom drastically. If you look at a periodic table, although it may seem confusing with different names of elements, know that

each element just varies by the number of protons, neutrons and electrons.

Every object in this world then consists of these subatomic particles naturally rearranging to form new things. When we look around us and see a particular object, we can ask ourselves,

"how was this object made?"

We may begin to realize the vast connections a single object has with the whole, from the people who built it to the soil in which it came from to the nuclear-eletromagnetic-gravitation involved in the incomprehensible number of atomic interactions that had to occur for the soil and object to be. Imagine the motions that took place in order for your computer to be as it is now from the atoms billions of years ago when the universe was just starting. Now look at your hand and realize that your body went through the same crazy process.

The atoms that were once a part of a star, then once a part of a fish are now within you, and even another human being's atoms in the past are now interacting inside you!

For example, DNA, which is comprised of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, phosphorous, and oxygen atoms mostly (as are most things in the body), is passed along from many generations, including from other plants and microbes, and it has all culminated to the creation of your body right now.

You really are something special to be alive as a human being!

There is still so much we do not know and some things that our mind can never comprehend, but this simple realization can be enlightening.

If I may have lost you with all that technical science, do not worry. Understanding that is not even essential for knowing yourself. In fact,

the less you think, the more you are in tune with your natural being.

You do not even have to believe any of what I just said to know yourself. This whole blog is simply a guide. However, being aware of these amazing phenomena in and around us helps us view life from a new perspective that brings about humility and a

sense of great respect for life.

For example, there are several short movies that illustrate the universe beautifully on YouTube, such as the 1977 short-film "Powers of Ten" and the 1996 "Cosmic Voyage" documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman. If you're able to watch them, notice how you feel after viewing them..

There is an

unbelievable vastness of space,

both beyond our bodies, as well as within. We can start to realize that we are more than our surface appearance. Beyond the atoms that make up our bodies and other things in the world, there is this infinite universe that surrounds us. The space that pervades it all is also within us, as our atoms are mostly empty space as well.

The depth of our true being is unfathomable.
Here is an audio of the article as well.

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